Gazi Bërlajolli

Male | 52 Years | Kosovo | Linguist/translator

My healing experience with Sam has gone beyond simply treating my severe hyperthyroidism. Sam has opened up new horizons that have directly influenced the way I live my life now. I have learned various things, including understanding my body type and why certain foods don't agree with it. I have also developed a greater awareness of the importance of avoiding artificially produced "foods" and "medicine."

Obtaining certain ingredients that Sam recommended hasn't always been easy, but in this internet era, everything has become more accessible, including my healing sessions with Sam. 

Furthermore, as someone who is deeply curious about the Divine and recognizes that everything originates from a single source and remains bound to it, I have thoroughly enjoyed Sam's insights into the interconnectedness of it all. 

If you are considering engaging with Sam's method, here's a word of advice: I can tell you that the more diligently you follow them, the faster and more effective your healing progress will be. On top of everything, you will gain a new genuine friend.


Female | 32 years | Editor from Italy

I met Sam in a very tough period of my life, dealing with a 3 months old baby, a post-partum undiagnosed depression, sleep disorder and irritable bowel syndrome. Salman opened his doors to listen to me and gave me precious advice to restore the balance in my life.

Starting from chakra reading, Salman found out my sickness/weak points and set a healing process through diet, plant-based treatments, yoga and psychological coaching. 

I started healing within few days/weeks. I can’t forget the deep and wide knowledge regarding the physical and mental health which Salman transmitted to me and I consider him as my guru and life coach. 

Salman is a rare human; I consider myself lucky to have had the chance to encounter him in the darkest period of my life. 

I wish him health and peace and I strongly recommend him to everyone who is seeking for the true health, balance and awareness. Thank you

Zainab Jawwad

Female | 44 yrs | Singer/ songwriter/ teacher | Lahore, Pakistan

Salman (Sam)  has the ability to look beyond the suffering and problems one might be going through and see your core in its perfection. I met him at a very low point in my life, where externally I had a comfortable life but inside there was a lack of love. I could not love and accept myself and had put my worth completely on external factors. It seemed impossible for me to come out of this pit on my own.

Salman’s presence sowed the seed of self-love in me… I believed that I was lovable, enough as I am, without wanting to “fix” myself obsessively. It has turned the direction of asking/wanting from outside to inside. Thank you.

Farrah Ahmad

Female | 31 years | House wife | Lahore, Pakistan

Salman, you are a champ. I enjoyed my yoga classes with you so much. You created a welcoming and friendly atmosphere during our classes that nurtured my yoga experience. In your classes, I was able to capture the philosophy and presence of movement that calmed my mind. It also kept my body healthy and strong. I truly extend my appreciation for the effort you have put forward in helping me with my spiritual journey and emotional stability. That was the key to all our sessions together.


Male | Lecturer and IT Consultant | York, England

I came to Sam (Salman) with about a dozen different health issues, both physiological and psychological. In about 4 weeks could feel myself transitioning into a healthier and happier human being, as well as being physically, mentally, and spiritually more aware of myself and my health.


Female | 36 yrs | Professor | Toronto, Canada

Salman has been my healer for the past ten years or so. He makes spiritual and energy healing so accessible and simple. He has treated the root of a number of things cropping up over a number of years for me. I have a better understanding of my own internal state and energy centers now because of how he educates while he heals. Salman is an extraordinary healer and a person with a vision beyond his time.