I am writing about myself in the hope that this will help another person heal.

As the century turned, so did my luck regarding my health; from thyroid disease to diabetes and eventually to a brain tumor. For the next fifteen years it was a constant downward spiral. In addition to a weakening immune system, I also suffered from anxiety, depression, anger and pain. I was extremely frustrated as I was going to the best doctors, eating well and exercising, but my health kept getting worse.

Then I realized that the cures that I was being offered by modern medicine were creating new diseases in my body, making me sicker, unhappier, and slowly killing me.

Desperate, I started exploring alternative medicine and treatments including reiki, yoga, ayurveda and more, but there was no improvement. Eventually, in 2015, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was given two weeks to live. My search for a cure had seemingly come to a disappointing halt.

I had exhausted myself by constantly looking for a cure for my disorders, the right doctor, the correct medicine and diet, the latest technology and scientific research. Now I was told, that surgery would save my life, but would probably leave me blind, deaf, mute and crippled. I was already physically compromised with paralysis of the right side and was suffering from excruciating pain.

So, I decided not to seek a cure anymore. I realized I had been looking for the wrong thing - something outside myself, to help me recover. I had been searching for external sources that caused my diseases, for logical explanations, for toxins and germs that were making me sick – I had even blamed my genes.

Near death, I suddenly developed spiritual clarity. I clearly understood that disease is manifested in the body when there is extreme conflict between the soul and the mind. A cure is not possible unless this conflict is healed. A reconciliation between the mind and the soul is inevitable for good health and a good life. In most cases we ourselves are creating, or at least enabling, the diseases that we are experiencing. At the time, this seemed like a harsh lesson.

As I began to understand the spiritual principals of who we are, and how life operates, I began to heal. I now turned to the writings of other healing and spiritual masters to gain insight. I had previously not comprehended what they had been trying to say, but it all made sense now. One cannot heal without realizing one’s true position in the universe. The answer lies within, and once we start to heal, and understand life, a cure becomes secondary, and diseases lose their power to harm us. 

Internal healing is a precursor to the possibility of any cure.

Within 6 months of my healing process, in conjunction with external treatments, the tumor disappeared and by 2017 no trace of it was left and now I have regained almost all my bodily functions.

Every day, in every way, I am getting better, even better than when I was considered at the peak of my health before my illnesses!

Today I find myself in a position, where I can share my experience and learning, with others and guide them as a friend, in their own healing journey.

Welcome to healed by life