Chakra Reading

One time payment of USD 109

Chakras are subtle energy vortexes in the body. A chakra reading makes clear the hidden conflicts between the mind and the soul, which eventually manifest as diseases. Chakras also tell us about how you relate to life and the universe. This is the most important hidden information required for a correct diagnosis of your situation. Detailed energetic readings of the major organs (which are themselves a layer of your emotional programming) further help in determining the root causes of individual disorders. Finally identifying the knots (points of emotional trauma along your timeline) completes the initial subtle/spiritual diagnosis of your condition. 

Session Fee

The general fee for all subsequent online sessions is USD 55/session (45 minutes)

The ideal tempo is three sessions/week

This is the part where we start the individual healing journey. The healing sessions and their exact nature is determined by the chakra, organ and knots readings.  Individual counseling, dietary changes and even yoga may be required to begin the healing process. Each case is highly individualistic and these sessions are tailored to the particular case.